Players Paradox

Novel / Feature Script - writer

Players Paradox is a tale of two masters in the art of seduction, playing each other to the point of self- sabotage.  Hired by a vengeful ex Maxi takes up the ultimate challenge of seducing and destroying Victor.  Both get caught up in a game to seduce the other.  Tension mounts as the players get lost in the tumultuous game of passion, manipulation, deception, and destruction, leading the players to break the ultimate rule and lose control of their emotions.

"There's the crazy high, drunk on love thrill - the Tequila.  And then sometimes it can hurt like hell, the snorting salt, lime in the eye, induced kind of pain - the Suicide.  I was my own worst enemy, chasing the thrill, feeling the love, the loss, the self-inflicted pain.  My self-sabotage, my Tequila Suicide."